Sunday, 31 July 2016


My first time attending #educampAKL. Not only did I love catching up with old and new friends from near and far, I absolutely loved the sharing, collaborating and learning. Here is a collection of the tweets. Feel free to follow the links to access the resources shared at #educampAKL. Can't wait for next year! Thanks heaps to Stuart Kelly and Jacque Allen for hosting and organising, and to N4L and Cognition Education for sponsoring the event!

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Self-marking Google Forms

Previously you had to use Add-ons for Google Sheets to mark the responses you got Google Forms, such as Flobaroo. Last week I read online that now Google Forms includes this within the app, so today I had a play with this.

At the age my students are at (y3, 7-8y old and working towards / at the beginning of CL2), there is not often the need to mark responses to 'tests'. However, I was intrigued with the possibilities this could offer, so I created a CLOZE reading worksheet which my students can fill in online. Originally I had planned for them to complete it as Google Doc (I shared individual copies with them via Hapara TD), but then I would need to go back into each of their sheets to check their answers, so a Form sounded a good idea.

When you create your new Google Form, as usual you add question after question. I had set up the sentences with gaps for the students to complete, so my first attempt was to choose Short Answer, with the students hopefully choosing the correct word from a list at the top. However, this did not give me an option to add the Answer Key and with that to set up the Self Marking.

Instead I went for Multiple Choice (which I prefer for young learners over Drop Down where they can't easily see the choice of answers). I randomly chose 4 words (including the correct one) as options. I considered selecting Shuffle Option Order (find by clicking on the three vertical dots bottom right of the question), but this could be confusing for my students whom I want to encourage to collaborate.

To set up the Self Marking, you click on Answer Key at the bottom left of the question. Choose your correct answer and assign points. You can Add Answer Feedback which I have left off. I could see how this could be very useful when you want to use the form to straight away feedback to your student, or when you want to use it as a tutorial (maybe you remember this Tutorial I created as Google Form couple of years ago?).

This is a copy of what I came up with. I have linked it out of our Class Site, and I'm looking forward to using it next week (feel free to fill this is so we get some data to play with):

I have submitted a test response, this is a quick screen shot of what data you get:

You can select your Summary and Individual Responses, what questions were answered wrong frequently, and you can see the responses to each individual question. 

You can also create a Spreadsheet to have all data in one easily accessible place:

I can see that this could be an easy to use and helpful tool, but please give it a try and let me know if and how it works in your context!