Friday, 8 November 2013

Collaborate on Popplet

Following my previous post about Popplet, Hazel and I have had a tutu to collaborate on a popplet. After a few false starts we have succeeded (URL

So how can you collaborate on a popplet in real time?
Start your new popplet or open an existing one. Click on the Share button on the right:

Click Add Collaborators and enter the name or email address of another Popplet Account holder (can be a free account), then click add them! This will generate an email to them, inviting them to this Popplet.

You have a choice for your collaborator(s) to edit only their own popples (default) or to edit any popples on this popplet (a few to many 'p's in this sentence!). For this you click on the cog and select Labs, then Popplet Permissions:

Unlike when you embed or share the link to a popplet, you don't seem to need to make your popplet public - this one is as I have embedded it into the blog.
And there you go - online collaboration!!!

Popplet for schools

Popplet accounts are available for schools at a reduced rate, and you can find out more about it here. I would love to hear from teachers in New Zealand who are using Popplet class accounts with their students!

Popplet iPad app

I only have the lite version of Popplet on my iPad (which allows you just one popplet at a time), the full version currently is NZ$6.49. However, I have just found on the Poppletrocks! blog that you can move popplets between your iPad (seems to require a full account) and your web based account. If you would like to find more about it, just have a look here

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