Sunday, 11 May 2014

Preparing for the future

This is just a very quick post: How are we preparing our children for the future?
I just finished reading Stephen Baxter's Flood and Ark (e.g. available at, describing a possible future for our world and the decisions that people might have to make to survive themselves or to help mankind survive. This follows watching the video of +ClaireAmos speaking at the Festival of Education about "Realising the Future of NZ Education" (you can find her blog post and the video here
What are we doing to prepare our children for an unkown but not un-imaginable future??? What are the ingredients our children need to cope with what the future might throw at them? What of the knowledge that we hold dear will be important to them, to their decision making - or maybe just to make them to what they need to be in the future?

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