Monday, 11 August 2014

Tag - you're it! #BloggingMeme #edchatNZ

There's so much I want to say about the #edchatNZ f2f conference just gone, but let's start with the #BloggingMeme started by Reid Walker - thanks for tagging me, twitter queen Annemarie Hyde!

I have a few questions after the last two days at #Edchatnz and I think that lots of others will too. I want to keep the connections going and make more connections. So maybe a blogging meme will work.

If you get included in the blogging meme: copy/paste the questions and instructions into your own blog then fill out your own answers. Share on twitter tagging 5 friends. Make sure you send your answers back to whoever tagged you too.

1. How did you attend the #Edchatnz Conference? (Face 2 Face, followed online or didn't)
Face-to-face - so much fun to join in the #hugging&shrieking !!!

2. How many others attended from your school or organisation?
Two of my team members attended on Friday.

3.How many #Edchatnz challenges did you complete?
Not enough, I was a bit slow to click onto them to be honest! I am in some #grelfies, helped new twitter eggs to hatch and admired the dance moves of others!

4. Who are 3 people that you connected with and what did you learn from them?
I feel I have connected with lots of people, and in my mind they are three groups: People I have connected with on Twitter before, and meeting them face-to-face added another dimension tot he connection - too many to mention!; people I have followed before but never had the opportunity to have any lengthy exchanges with before - Danielle Myburgh, Maurie Abraham, Claire Amos, Amy McCauley and many more; people I hadn't connected with before like Bron Stuckey and Marianne Malstrom.
What I have learnt from them? PASSION is what drives education forward, and EVIDENCE affirms what we know works or prompts us to make changes.

5. What session are you gutted that you missed?
Nanogirl - would have loved to see her session. I should have timed my school tours better!

6. Who is one person that you would like to have taken to Edchatnz and what key thing would they have learned? 
I brought a friend along who hatched from pre-twitter egg to a Twiducatus Edchatnz. It was fantastic to be able to bounce off ideas with her and relate them back to schooling in the Far North. I wish I could take a couple of teachers from each of the schools I work in - in pairs you can bounce off ideas and debrief.

7. Is there a person you didn't get to meet/chat with (F2F/online) that you wished you had? Why
I wish I could have met Nanogirl, and I really wanted to meet up with Michaela Pinkerton and Ros Maceachern both of whom I have met only online before.

8. What is the next book you are going to read and why? 
Not sure yet to be honest. There are plenty of books on my actual and my virtual bookshelf that need to be started or finished, e.g. John Hattie's Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximising Impact on Learning or Gail Loane's I've got something to say

9. What is one thing you plan to do to continue the Education Revolution you learnt about at #Edchatnz?
I will push the connecting with other educators much harder than before in the schools I work with.

10. Will you take a risk and hand your students a blank canvas?
My context is different to a classroom teacher's but still very similar as I work in teacher PD. I am thinking how I can better incorporate the blank canvas into my work here, while I still often encounter the 'tell us how' or 'you must know, you are the specialist'.

Who do I tag with this meme: Some new followers: @nicolabew@devilrx29@jcui0330@jonicolnz and @shazzt


  1. Ha ha! Love our #huggingandshrieking! I better advertise that post as noone knows what Twiducatus Edchatnz is yet. had posted my meme and the "Flying with Your Flock" last night, but left the other post for tonight.
    I think we all share one need: more time to see EVERYTHING.


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