Friday, 12 September 2014

Write about this NZ

+Brad Wilson is creator of Write about this, an iPad app that inspires student writing with images and prompts at 3 levels. What makes this app particularly interesting to me is that it includes the prompts as text and as audio, it allows the students to audio record as well as in writing and it allows the user to creator custom prompts from their own images and with their own written and / or verbal cues. This ticks all the UDL boxes in my book!

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+Allanah King and I got involved in creating a NZ version of this app, substituting some of the 'very American' images such as yellow school buses and air craft carriers with images we believe are more relevant for our Kiwi children, such as Kapa Haka performance, Otara markets, fishing etc. We rewrote the prompts using NZ spelling, and Brad got a Kiwi voice artist to record the prompts. The app was released weekend before last and while I am reluctant to do self-promotion, I think it is pretty cool! Please check it out on the App Store ($4.99)


  1. Thank you for sharing! It was an honor...or should I say honour :) ... to work with all of you and we're thrilled to hear feedback of how students and teachers are using it for inspired writing!

    1 thing- the Kiwi who did the voice prompts actually lives in NZ!

    1. Thanks Brad, yes, the spelling thing is fun :) I better change my post, I didn't realised your voice was living here! Many thanks again!


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