Monday, 19 January 2015


I just came across this fairly new Microsoft web app Sway - it looks like fun:) There is also a free iOS app. You need a Microsoft Account (Hotmail, Outlook or Live) or you can connect an existing account with Microsoft. Within the app you can insert CC free images (via Bing), content from your OneDrive, videos from YouTube etc. There is an option for you to request more sources, too. There are a number of ways to change layout and styles with more to come. It works on laptops including Chromebooks, and I can access my Test Sway on iOS (but as I have got it open on my laptop I can't edit it on the iPhone at the same time).

I can see this work well for presentations, it's free and easy to share / embed. For future developments I would like to see inserting of audio and video so you could use it for full digital storytelling and in UDL context. Have a go and maybe you can let me know how Sway can support your teaching and your students' learning?

(Note: For embedding ensure that you choose a size that can be displayed in the body of your blog, I used 400 x 550.)

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