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QR Codes

(Since I wrote this post yesterday, a teacher made the very valid point that QR Codes can promote self-management and independence for her year 1 learners. I am very thankful that she pointed out how the Key Competencies (NZC) and General Capabilities (AC) can also be enhanced and have therefore decided to add some points to the classroom use.)

I came across an interesting question in a Facebook group this morning: "Has anyone got any good ideas that they would like to share for using QR codes in the classroom?" My standard reply question to this is "What learning is happening in your classroom that could be enhanced with QR Codes"?

QR Code for The BeLbird Blog
A QR Code is a two dimensional bar code, originally invented for the automotive industry, now commonly used in a wide range of fields, especially advertising, and more and more also in education. In it's simplest form a QR Code lets you access a URL just by scanning the little image consisting of black dots and lines (you can use different colours, too, but not all scanning apps are created equal, some of them have trouble picking up QR Codes with less contrast). Due to its capacity to store more data than a regular barcode, QR Codes can also store plain text, can link to videos, audio, maps, computerised voices speaking your text etc.

How are QR Codes being used in the classroom? 
QR Codes relate to NZC Key Competencies and AC General Capabilities:  Using language, symbols and texts (NZC), and ICT Capability (AC).
    Using the SAMR model, here are some examples of how QR codes may be used in the classroom:
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    • Teacher supplies a QR Code for students to access a worksheet, students complete the work in their book.
    • Teacher supplies a QR Code for students to scan to access a URL.
    This can increase student independence and self-management Managing self (NZC),  Personal and social capability (AC)

    • Teacher supplies a QR Code where students can find a video that provides them with additional information to a topic.
    • Students add the QR Code for their school website / class blog to their own business card or to a text they are writing (as part of the information about the author).
    • Students paste QR codes of relevant videos on their assignment poster to allow exploring the topic in more depth and with multiple modes.
    • Students create a digital learning object DLO for an assignment (e.g. video, e-book etc.), then create and share the QR Code to access it with their teacher.
    • Students create a QR Code treasure hunt for a specific audience (e.g. younger students at their school). Depending on their audience, they might use all or a mixture of text clues, verbal clues, video, map coordinates etc.
    Audience consideration requires Relating to others (NZC), and Ethical understanding (AC).
    • Students write and then video their book reviews. These videos are uploaded to the cloud and they create a QR Code for the video. This QR Code gets displayed in the school library so other students can watch their video reviews when they are choosing books.
    • Students research and present information on local historic sites. This information gets uploaded to the cloud, and a QR code to this information gets added to the visitor information for this particular site.
    • On their class blog, student DLOs are made available to access and comment on via QR Codes. Students reflect on the comments provided by their authentic audience to enhance their learning.
    The deeper learning enhanced by use of QR Codes requires Thinking (NZC) and Critical and creative thinking (AC)
    The key is that the learning is the most important thing, the QR Codes are just there to support and enhance. Not all tasks at all ages have to be at the Redefinition level at all times, but it is my believe student learning gets most transformed when we set high expectations. Please find here a resource I have used with teachers and students in 2014; I would like to acknowledge the use of some fabulous ideas around QR Codes that have been shared with me by +Catriona Pene and +Esther Casey.

    Do you agree or disagree with my ideas around QR Codes and SAMR? How are you using QR Codes to enhance learning in your classroom? Looking forward to your ideas!

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