Thursday, 12 September 2013

"GAFE - How to..." insert a video into blogger

I have been tutuuing quite a bit with blogger to answer questions from my schools about inserting or embedding content. I have decided to post my findings on here and link them to a separate page for easy reference. So when in the future one of my schools has that same question again, I can explain it but also redirect them here :-) I am looking forward to feedback of how things could be done better or easier from you as I wouldn't want to claim that I hold all the knoweldge on these topics!

Sometimes we might want to use a video to show a play, a speech, to use as a tutorial, for our reflections etc. Here is How to insert videos into blogger:
  1. Your first question always needs to be "Do I have the right to share this video with my readers?". Proceed only if the answer is yes.
  2. You might have a video on your device, you might have it in your Google Drive or on YouTube. The process for uploading them is the same, though there are different implications:
a) A video from your device shared straight into blogger will be viewable by all your readers but not (necessarily) to anyone else.
b) You can adjust settings for sharing of a video out of your Google Drive: Files in your drive can be public to anyone on the web, they can be available to people have the link for the file or they can be private to you plus people you especially invite. For each of these there are three sub-settings of view, comment or edit. If your school is using GAFE, you might have the option of sharing within your domain also.
c) A video uploaded to YouTube can be public, available to anyone with the link or private. It can be viewed outside the blog as YouTube clip.

    3.   For each of them you go through the following steps:
  • Select where within your post you want to upload a video, then click on the clapper board icon.
  • The new window gives you the option to upload a video (from your computer), to use a YouTube Video, to use one of your YouTube uploads or to upload a video via your webcam. There is also the option of using a video from your phone which I have not tried out yet.
  • Find the video you want to upload and click on select - this will insert your video into your blogpost.
So how about inserting a video on your blog for a change?


  1. Hi Monika thanks for this blog. Did you notice that it is now possible to upload videos to a googledrive open them with the Google drive viewer and once shared with anyone with the link they can be embedded amywhere you wish with the iframe? No youtube needed if not wanted.

  2. That's very cool, thanks heaps, will have to try!!!


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