Wednesday, 18 September 2013

How to insert an Educreation into a blog

Educreations is a one of a number of apps for iPads that lets you record a lesson you or your students give on a whiteboard (on the iPad). Two of my teachers asked me how they could embed these into their class blogs.

When you have recorded your lesson on Educreation, you click "Done" and then "Save Lesson". This opens a new screen where you enter your lesson title and an optional description. Click "Next" and you get to choose your Audience. If you want to embed a lesson into a blog, you need to select Public here - you don't seem to be able to change this later from the iPad app. Choose the subject area next and make sure you are using the correct login and your lesson is saved.

To embed it into your blog you go to "My Lessons" on your iPad, slick on the share button (box with arrow pointing out). On each of your lessons you now get a number of icons, click on the chain link of the lesson you want to insert into your blog. If you had selected "Public" under Audience, you will get two options: Copy Lesson Link and Copy Embed Code - select the latter. You can now insert this embed code into your blog post into the HTML option of your post:

This will insert your lesson as a rectangle with the task bar visible when you hover over it with the mouse. You can highlight it and use the controls above your post to align the box.

If you need to change the Audience for one of your lessons, go to and log in with your username and password. By clicking on your name up top right, you get access to your lessons. Click on any of your lessons, select "Edit Lesson" at the top right and under "Privacy" you can change the Audience. You will now get the option to embed your educreation into a website / blog.

There are a number of similar apps out there, here you find an interesting discussion on these and their uses.

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