Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Blogging Meme #3

And here we go again lol a third tag, this time by the lovely @AKeenReader from Wellington:) As before I will just answer the questions, tags and my questions are here

1) Who has been a colleague (past or present) that you have regarded as a mentor?

The then DP at my last teaching job, Dallas Mapp. She has always been there for me when the going got tough and helped me believe in myself.
2) What is your favourite NZ native bird, and why?
The Tui of course (after all I'm calling myself the BeLchick)
3) What was your favourite book as a child?
Einen Loeffel fuer Luise - I still can recite most of the rhymes like "einen fuer die gruene Wiese, einen fuer den Osterhas, der auf dieser Wiese sass". When mum did a big clean out, she found the tattered copy, with a few pages missing, which I treasure.
4) Worst job ever!  What was it?
Ironing in a blouse factory.... nowadays only use my iron for patchwork / quilting!!!
5) What’s the icebreaker question or activity you use to get to know someone?
This year I have been doing "Hello, my name is Monika, I'm a Techoholic" and then invited other people to share their 'additictions'. I've also done 'three items of technology I couldn't live without'.
6) Best person to follow on Twitter for one of your passions?
I only started on Twitter back in March but I am completely hooked. Lots of great people to follow on twitter! My Golden Tweeters were @mrs_hyde, @Allanahk and @kasseylee1. I have quite a few passions I follow, namely gamification, Minecraft and then anything else to do with my job as e-learning facilitator. My quilting follows are an add-on :)
7) What is your least favourite household chore?
Am I allowed to say all of them??? Window cleaning never seems to happen to be honest. Cleaning toilets only because they need to be cleaned. Don't have enough time to dust. Note to self: Need to catch up with the new cleaner this week!!!
8) What’s one lesson/activity/unit that you really look forward to teaching?
Love demonstrating vocabulary extension with digital photograph and Popplet :)
9) Fly first class to your overseas destination and have a little less spending money, or fly ‘cattle class’ and have a little more in your pocket?
Always cattle class - I have three kids, remember, they probably wouldn't let me into first class with them even if I paid for it!!!
10) What’s a web tool or app that you’ve come across recently that you’d heartily recommend to others?
Have a look at - I can see huge potential, I hope one of my teachers will pick it up and trial it thoroughly so I can observe :) Also watch out for the 'Write about this' iPad app, there will be a Kiwi version in the near future...
11) If you hosted a dress-up party, what theme would you choose, and why?
Dress-up parties at our house have been mainly for kids so far! I went to a 80s parties this year, but I think if I had a dress-up party for adults, I would possibly make it 70s for the crazy styles and the music I grew up with (my parents were quite young when they had me).

Thanks, Philippa!

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