Friday, 17 January 2014

Blogging Meme #4

There is no getting away from this lol Thanks @Simone015! As with the previous two #Bloggingmeme posts, just answers:

1) What is the best thing about being a teacher?
Making a difference!!!!!

2) What is currently the most challenging aspect of being a teacher?
Work load and lack of appreciation.

3) Cats or dogs? Why?
I have always been a cat person, they have been my first babies lol Independent, resourceful, cuddly (but unfortunately also cruel predators...). We have had a few dogs, our last dog died just before Christmas; I miss her, but we are not sure that we want to get another one in a hurry

4) Name three things you have on your bucket list?
Hmm, haven't really thought of a bucket list yet... I have never been to Asia, or to the Americas, or to Africa. I will ponder this some more....

5) How would you describe your ultimate holiday?
With my family, in a warm climate, lots opportunity for swimming (beach or pool), some sightseeing, not too posh. Ultimately the boys would not argue, complain or whine... well, dreams are free

6) What's the funniest or most interesting thing a child has ever told you?
Can I write this hear? I went to The Warehouse the other day to buy school shoes for Master 11y, a little girl in the same aisle told her mother very loudly that she was not wearing underwear (the girl that is) - oh the innocence of little children!

7) If there was one subject you didn't have to teach, what would it be and why?
PE and Puberty Education. Too unfit for the first and simply not confident I could tackle the second sensibly.

8) What is your favourite quote?
Lots of favourite quotes - e.g. see my Dr. Seuss post ;)

9) What do you normally do on the first day of the school year?
I have only had one proper 'first day of school' in many years due to the various roles I have held, and that was when I was the Technology Teacher so I didn't have a class - sorry!

10) Summer or winter? Why?
Summer!!!! Had enough cold winters growing up in Germany...

11) If you were a principal for a day what would you do?
Ultimately as a principal I would want to build positive relationships between all people involved with the learning at my school, and that would take a lot longer than one day....

Thanks, Simone, has been fun :)

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