Thursday, 16 January 2014

Getting my work brain going with some GAFE

Getting my work brain going again is harder than I though - 3 1/2 weeks can be a LOOOONNNNGGGG time lol.

Just a couple of quick notes to do with GAFE to warm up my brain:

Sharing Docs and Folders in Google Drive (this particular post is for when you are NOT using Hapara Teacher Dashboard):

Documents that others have shared with you can be found under "Shared with me". However, not all documents are visible straight away, my understanding is that you only see those that have been shared with your Google Account, but not the ones available to 'anyone with the link'. To find those, you need to type the title in the search bar at the top:

If you would like to easily find a particular document again, you can add it to your Google Drive PROVIDED it was shared with your Google Account. To check if it has been shared with your account, you go to Share and look for your name - if it is not there, just add yourself to it. When you now select this document, you see the option Add to My Drive at the top, click it.

Now this document will be available in your Google Drive, and within that you can move it into a folder etc. (though if you delete it, I understand it is gone from the owner's original location also).

If you regularly share documents with someone, it is a good idea to add a whole folder to My Drive, so automatically all docs within that folder are available in your Google Drive. For that the owner shares the folder with you which you find in Shared with Me just like Docuemtnes, Spreadsheets etc. Note: With that, the folder owner can still select to NOT share a document within the folder they have created (see below).

Example: You create a folder "Literacy" and share it with each of your students. They find it under Shared with Me, select it and Add it to My Drive. This folder is now available in their Google Drives. Within that folder you might have current resources, homework, task sheets etc. which they can all see. Also, you could have a document / Google Form 'Assessment'. If you set the Sharing Permissions for 'Assessment' to Private, only you will see it until such time as you change the settings to share it with your students (e.g. at the end of the unit). One word of caution, I belief that when you create a new document within that folder, it will automatically use the Sharing Permissons of that folder, so double check these just in case.

To go with this topic, you might at times want to create a task sheet that your students need to fill in as they go. If you are not using Google Forms (which I highly recommend!), you might want to create a Google Doc that you share / have in the shared folder. To ensure that not every students is just typing over the top of each other in your Master Copy, set the Sharing Settings to "View Only". That means your students open the document, then go to File, select Make a copy (which they will be the owner of) and use this to complete your task. Remember to teach them good systems of naming, renaming, where to keep their files and how to share it back with you.

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