Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Blogging Meme #5

If you have beenr eading my Blogging Meme posts, you must know me better than I know myself by now! I didn't know I was that popular ;) thanks to @melulater, here are my answers:

1) What is your favourite movie of all time?
I always loved "Milch und Schokolade", originally "Romuald et Juliette". There is just something about the love story between a rich, lovely yet very impractical and inconsiderate man and a very smart mum of five who cleans his offices, solves crimes and 'sorts him out' :) I don't think there is an English version.
2) Who was your favourite teacher as a child and why?
I often said I became a teacher because I didn't like school - and I wasn't an easy student though academically I did well. There are some I remember very fondly, especially my former flute teacher now friend Hanna :)
3) If you could combine any two animals in the world, which ones would you combine and why?
Just this morning I thoughthow much we humans are destroying in this world - I am really missing the bees for pollinating my veggie garden! So I think rather than creating new ones, I wish I could bring some of the extinct ones back!
4) If you won Lotto Powerball, what would be the first thing you would do after the money went into your bank account?
Ring the bank manager to pay off the mortgage! (so sensible...)
5) You're Prime Minister for the day - what one thing would you do?
One day is not enough to have a long lasting impact of course, but I think it would be great to listen to our young people for what their dreams, hopes, aspirations and ideas are.
6) Which food/meal from your childhood haunts you still today?
Soup! There are very few soups I like, and definitely not vegetable soup, tomatoe soup, potatoe soup {gag}. My mum also tried to make us eat liver which inevitably ended up dry as leather and stank the house out - but maybe my mind is playing tricks on me?
7) In all your travels, in New Zealand or overseas, your favourite place and why was....?
Warm places with lots of nature and with water: Rarotonga, Far North of New Zealand, Coromandel, wet tropics of Northern Queensland...
8) Which song or artist always puts you in your happy place?
I like unusual voices but despit my music teacher past I have a really poor memory for names of artists and songs, sorry!
9) If your house was on fire, what three items would you save if that was all you could take?
My kids and husband, everything else can be replaced!
10) As an educationalist, what was one of your most satisfying moments?
When Tane gave me a hug on his last day of Intermediate School :)
When I did reviews with my BeL schools at the end of last year and they had all made such great progress!
When one of my Correspondence School students wrote me a thank you note after we got him out of his funk and into Natcoll!
Everytime I see the little light bulb above someone's head! (oops, that's a few moments lol)
11) What do you look for in a leader at your school/education facility?
Building relationships. Listening skills. Vision. Collaboration. Creativity. Walk the talk. Sound pedagogy. Life-long learner. (if I think some more, the list will become longer and longer!)

Thanks Melanie, this has been fun!

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