Thursday, 30 January 2014


Have you ever taken a MOOC - Massive Open Online Course? I have just enrolled into Coursera's Gamification MOOC. @kwerb - Kevin Werbach (Associate Professor of Legal Studies & Business Ethics The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania) - has posted the first few video lectures. Being new to this, I am impressed by the presentation and by the quality of the videos (I'm still hoping for fast internet here one day!).
The syllabus sounds very interesting:

  1. What is Gamification? (Video Released: January 27th)
  2. Games (Video Released: February 3rd)
  3. Game Thinking (Video Released: February 10th)
  4. Game Elements (Video: February 17th)
  5. Psychology and Motivation I: Behaviorism (Video Released February 24th)
  6. Psychology and Motivation II: Beyond Behaviorism (Video Released February 24th)
  7. Gamification Design Framework (Video Released March 3rd)
  8. Design Choices (Video Released March 3rd)
  9. Enterprise Gamification (Video Released March 10th)
  10. Social Good and Behavior Change (Video Released March 10th)
  11. Critiques and Risks (Video Released March 17th)
  12. Beyond the Basics (Video Completed March 24th)

I am a little worried about the time limits for the quizzes and the final exam, fitting it all into my days, but I will try!!! If you are also interested in Gamification and want to give it a try (after all, it is a free course unless you want to sign up to Signature Track for US$49), you can still sign up, so come and join @madmacnz (Carol Kendall) and I!

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